About me

My name is Imran Ahmed. I call myself Imran Ahmed Hunzai or simply Imran Hunzai. The last name comes from my father side, he has it officially on his national identity card. Back in the days when I was born, Imran Khan was having his career best time in cricket; 2 years later he won the World Cup for Pakistan. I could have easily been named Wasim Ahmed but I respect the choice made by the nurse at the hospital of my birth.

I was born and raised in Hunza. As a kid growing up in the floppy disk era, I had developed a deep interest in sticking around computers. From fixing broken computers of the neighbors to co-founding a small digital agency, it has been a long and ADVENTUROUS ride. As much as I love getting close to the mother nature, the passion for ‘the digital’ remains equally important in my life.

Currently, I work as a Chief Digital Officer at Centangle, a small interactive agency that I co-founded along with a few university classmates. Apart from this 9-5 commitment, I am the co-founder of Organization for Educational Change, a youth-led initiative working in Gilgit-Baltistan on a number of education-related projects. I am also the guy behind Humans of Hunza. You can know more about my professional and experimental work here. I spend rest of my time doing photography, traveling and playing Rabab.

M o r e I n f o R e s u m e

Work History

Since 2009, I have worked on hundreds of projects and initiatives within the digital media and content production spectrums. I've also briefly worked on freelancing platforms like Freelancer and oDesk (now Upwork).

Chief Digital Officer

Centangle Interactive Pvt. Ltd.

Islamabad, Pakistan

Creative Director

Diran Productions Pvt. Ltd.

Islamabad, Pakistan


Organization for Educational Change (OEC)


Trainer and Blogger


Islamabad, Pakistan

What can I do:

Web Design

Digital Strategy

Photo & Film

Blogging & Research

Contact Me

If you are looking to start a project or just want to say hi, feel free to reach out:

Phoen: +92-333-5559077

Email: me[at]imranhunzai.com

Skype: @imranhunzai