Two fresh changes in Facebook profile design

One good thing about Facebook is the way they roll out new features. During 2012, Facebook has made huge changes in the profile and page designs. Today, I found two new changes in the profile design. 1) New Tabbed Links: A new tabbed link design has been added in the profiles. You may now see … Continue reading Two fresh changes in Facebook profile design

Facebook turns 8

It was 8 years ago when today’s most fascinating social network was born. Initially before it’s public launch, it was called which was only available to Howard University students. Later, it was also made available to students of other universities of United States. On 4th February 2008, Mark Zukerberg  renamed to domain name and … Continue reading Facebook turns 8

Got timeline?

Let’s suppose you haven’t got the timeline yet. Alright, let’s start… A few months back, in September to be precise, Facebook announced its biggest change in the interface design of users’ profiles. The timeline! Initially, it was only available for developers – anyone who has the not-very-much-unique-ability to click a few buttons by reading a … Continue reading Got timeline?

7 billion people and me

I just used this web application at BBC News website that tells you what your number is among the massive 7 billion people living in this world. Now this is something really provoking. 7 billion and still counting….! The application asks you to enter your date of birth and calculates what your exact possible number was among … Continue reading 7 billion people and me