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  • October Rababgasm | Rabab Instrumental 🎵

    Here’s my first try at recording and publishing a rabab instrumental. The piece was recorded on mobile. Some songs covered in chronological order: Khush Wan Jeel (Shina)Mathan Amular Nicha (Burushaski)As’sulo Dukorutam Bes (Burushaski)Shinwari Lawangeena (Pashto)Gul De Pa Zulfo (Pashto)Sta Manzal Manzaloona (Pashto)

  • Ecstacy on the top of Hunza Valley🏕️

    Ecstacy on the top of Hunza Valley🏕️

    It was 2:00AM in the morning on the long vacation night so freezing that one wouldn’t even think about exposing any single body part out of sleeping bag. But I did it. I had leave for the Hon Pass with a few friends to see the sun laying its very first rays on the spectacular…

  • Hello, World!

    Hello, World!

    Hey there, everyone! Welcome to my corner of the internet, where I’ll be sharing the little joys and practical discoveries that make up my digital world. This blog is a new venture for me—a space entirely my own to share my activities and thoughts. While I’ve been writing about tech and social media on other…