7 Years of WordPress-ing

I just stumbled upon a beautiful message from WordPress. It has been a whole 7 years since first I joined this amazing platform. Time flies so fast. Feels like yesterday.

The first time I heard about WordPress was through a few blogs that I have been reading back in my school days and early college days. For the first few months, I didn’t even know what a blogging platform was but when I felt the need of something more than a social network to publish my designs, I had to search. Yes, that was still the Orkut era for me and I was obsessed with gothic art (I’d call it art just to make it sound a little better). Basically, I didn’t want my friends and family to see those piece of whatever (okay I have changed my mind, it’s not art) but I still wanted them to exist somewhere on the internet. Back then, the whole family shared the PC and you know what I mean.

7 years of WordPress-ing

I did not end up publishing them but it did open a whole new world of possibilities. One of them is how I make my living today.

So, thank you WordPress for this awesome ride so far. I hope we stick together for long.

Happy WordPress-ing 😉


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  1. yes ! I have been associated to wordpress for 7 seven years…. And I am loving it even more… Obsessed with writing diaries i ended up with daily diary, livejournal and than finally stumbled upon wordpress. By the way ! Thanks for leaving a comment. (the mom-blogger)

  2. Giving up is not your thing either! Hi5

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