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  • 7 Years of WordPress-ing

    7 Years of WordPress-ing

    I just stumbled upon a beautiful message from Wordpress. It has been a whole 7 years since first I joined this amazing platform. Time flies so fast. Feels like yesterday.

  • Happy New Year 2012

    Happy New Year too all visitors. Hope 2012 is not the end of the world   Year 2011 went like a day but was full of fun, little achievements and yeah not to forget the bad times. 2011 showed all of it. The world lost some great men, there were tragedies, disasters and failures but…

  • Latest Google Earth Image of Landslide affected region in Hunza

    Some days back, Hunza was rocked by one of the worst landslides ever.  A small village of Attabad (Sarat) was hit by the landslide which took about 20 19 lives and made 7000 people homeless. The debris fell into the Hunza river due to which a lake is developed that is threatening the villages nearby. I have just discovered…