The Awakening

One night I woke up Soaked in my sweat Perhaps I had a bad dream A dream of getting older without seeing the world as wild as it is A dream of becoming weak without pushing to the physical limits A dream of letting go of things that matter the most A dream of dreaming […]

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Mein Bhi Pakistani Hoon

Happy Independence Day of Pakistan 🙂 No matter what religion, sect, race, tribe or region you belong to; don’t forget that you are part of a beautiful and diverse nation that God has blessed Pakistan with. Mein Punjabi hoon Mein Sindhi hoon Mein Balochi hoon Mein Pakhtoon hoon Mein Gilgiti hoon Mein Baltistani hoon Mein […]

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Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year too all visitors. Hope 2012 is not the end of the world   Year 2011 went like a day but was full of fun, little achievements and yeah not to forget the bad times. 2011 showed all of it. The world lost some great men, there were tragedies, disasters and failures but […]

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Got timeline?

Let’s suppose you haven’t got the timeline yet. Alright, let’s start… A few months back, in September to be precise, Facebook announced its biggest change in the interface design of users’ profiles. The timeline! Initially, it was only available for developers – anyone who has the not-very-much-unique-ability to click a few buttons by reading a […]

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